“Company Valuation” services are generally used in cases when companies go-public, potential company purchases, sales, acquisitions, mergers and, legally required expert opinion is needed.

The most important factor is determination of the value of the company in all cases where the sale and transfer of company shares is the matter of question.

Therefore, the valuation proccess is a very critical stage to make the right investment decision.

During the valuation process focus should be on the future of the target company, its strengths and weaknesses, and a “swot analysis” should be used to minimize discounted cash flows (DCF), peer comparison and adjusted equity methods.

The values ​​determined as a result of the methods used should be brought to a reasonable and acceptable average value through weighting.

The information to be used for valuation should be compared with the previous financial information and a financial assurance service should be included in this study by discussing the consistency, accuracy and compliance with the capacity and market share of the company before the valuation in the financial information that is foreseen for at least 5 to 10 years.

The Company's valuation reports are prepared and reported in accordance with “international valuation standards”.

These reports are also presented in the desired foreign language and hold international qualification.