As it is known, the independent audit has gained the legal infrastructure with the Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102. Following the establishment of the Public Oversight Authority, Independent auditing has entered a new process in our country as it has in the whole world.

It is an undeniable fact that independent auditing is a collective work area and due to its structure it should be carried out under the institutional roof.

The process has shown that in order to have a say in the independent audit business, it is necessary to establish a strong structure together.

Therefore, we have brought together the professional experience of the years with the idea of ​​being us.

We have established AKSİS INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT AUDIT INC. and, we aim to provide service with a mission that embraces all our colleagues.

We embarked on an approach that embraces all our colleagues with the understanding of solution-oriented, sharing, pioneering in the industry, and the idea of “having one, small but mine on the contrary we embarked on having one big and belonging all of us”.

We will always be open to all colleagues who care about professional unity and want to unite the sharing, independent audit work around this great goal and vision.

Tayyip YAŞAR
Chairman of the Executive Board