The trust of the public and information users can be gained by providing the users with the correct data to be obtained by performing high standards and quality audits.

Independent Auditing includes auditing by the auditor of the financial statements of the companies in accordance with the financial reporting standards and whether the entity's financial position and results are presented corrcetly and accurately.

The auditor's point of view both provides the visibility of the firm's financial status more reliably, and it is effective in making the company more transparent and institutional for its stakeholders and information users.

In this context, the services we provide within the scope of independent audit are;

► Financial Statements’ Audit

 → International Financial Reporting Standards (TAS-TFRS)

 → Uniform Chart of Accounts ( General Rescript of Accounting System Procedure)

► Independent Audit According to Turkish Commercial Code (TTK-TCC)

► Independent Audit of Public Companies

► Independent Audit of Companies Subject to Energy Market Regulatory Board

► Independent Audit of Companies Subject to Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency

► Independent Audit of Insurance Companies

► Independent Audit for Special Purpose