AKSİS International Independent Audit INC. was founded by Certified Public Accountants and Financial Advisors, each of whom is also an independent auditor.

At the end of a long experience and cooperation, our independent audit company, established with the leading experts of the profession, has adopted the policy of being open to all colleagues as the chief principle. 

The concept of independent auditing, with the exception of (CMB) Capital Market Board practices, has gained legal infrastructure with the (TTK) Turkish Commercial Codeno. 6102

During formation and authorization of Public Oversight Board, Independent Audit has entered a new regulated process simultaneously with the world.

In a short span of time, AKSİS International Independent Audit INC. aims to have a say in Turkey and in the international arena, and acquire a significiant place in Independent Audit and Consultancy Practices.

Interest to the one of the most stable economies of the developing economies Turkey caused an increase in need for more local audit firms.

Having expert staff and audit team in the fields of tax expertise, independent external audit, legal consultancy, financial consultancy, risk management AKSİS International Independent Audit INC will be an important solution partner for the financial, commercial and industrial market operating throughout the country.